Bald Head Island NC – Makeup And Hair Design For A Special Wedding

January 31, 2008 at 8:10 pm (Artistry By Sandy NC, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makup Artist NC, Wedding Makeup Artistry, Wilmington NC Makeup Artist, Wilmington, NC Photographers)

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This lovely couple had a very special Wedding on Bald Head Island NC, New Years Eve 2007.

The photos above are Julie and Jay, photos below include bridesmaids Holly and Amy, the brides sisters, a family member and more of the happy couple…….

Click photo to enlarge

Makeup by Sandy,  Hair Designs by Sandy and assistants Debra and Crystal.

Photography by Phylliss Reynolds of Vision Photography @


IMG_9655 (2)JulieBryceMunro1 017IMG_9646 (2)

JulieBryceMunro1 009IMG_9736 (2)IMG_9506 (2)

Much ‘happiness’ Julie and Jay! 

More photos and details @



  1. Julie Bryce Munro said,

    Thanks Sandy!
    The photos you posted are wonderful! We had a wonderful wedding and reception, I wish you could have stayed and seen it.
    My sisters and I, my mom and everyone thought the makeup and hair was just perfect. Thank you so much!
    My hair and makeup really stood up to the pressure of it all too, and looked great even at midnight! I’m so glad you were able to work with us–it turned out perfectly.
    I love what you posted on your website and so do my sisters. The Photography turned out beatifully even in black and white your makeup looks incredible!!! We have some color too though.
    Thanks again Sandy. Tell Debra and Crystal hello and thank you too!
    Holly and Amy loved their “looks” too!
    Best, Julie

  2. Phylliss Reynolds said,

    Julie’s words that “you got her through the past few months” tells me you make a positive difference with the people you work with. Quite often I have a photograph that tells me a lot about how a person is feeling which is one of the primary focus of my work. When you view the black and white photo of Julie looking up …not only was I able to create a glamerous photo from that shot of getting her make up finished but I see the affectionate look on her face is aimed at you.
    Interesting what a picture can reveal isn’t it???
    Best wishes Sandy as you continue your good work!

    “Vision Photography” – Phylliss Reynolds 910-264-7785

  3. Shirly said,

    Hi Sandy ,
    Your site is really very nice and the photos that you have posted are just incredible.
    You are an excellent makeup artist and we can never doubt your abilities as we can clearly see it from the wedding photos which looks wonderful even in black and white.

    I give you thumbs up for your good work!!!

    Best of luck

  4. artistrybysandy1 said,

    Thank you everyone!
    I love what I do, Makeup Artistry is my passion, so it means so much to hear your heartfelt comments. I appreciate each of you!
    Always, Sandy

  5. Sandy said,

    Visit another Bride’s special Day on Bald Head Island NC in my December 2007 post.
    The Bride, Megan is lovely and everything about her Wedding Day turned out to be breathtakingly beautiful.
    We had a wonderful day together and Meg was such a joy to work with, Happy Anniversary Meg and Denny, yesterday, July 13, 2007 was your ‘day.’

    Congratulations! Sandy

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