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Since my California upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area and attending Roberto’s College of Beauty for Cosmetology I followed my dream of using Makeup Artistry to help woman capture their beauty and feel good about themselves. 

As a Cosmetician I  focus on your best features to enhance your natural beauty and help you claim it as your own. 

In 19 years as a professional Makeup Artist and 9 years with Dior I was privileged to be contract Makeup Artist for the world famous, ‘Dior On Tour’ in California.  My freelance career eventually led to contract artistry for many Cosmetic lines.  

I moved to the midwest, near Branson, Missouri where I enjoyed being Makeup Artist  for ” Glamour Photography” at Dillard’s while continuing my career with Christian Dior and trainer for new makeup artists.

My rich and diverse history as a Makeup Artist helps me create an image for you that’s personalized and beautifully unique.  

I work closely with Photographers and Wedding Planners as they orchestrate your Wedding Day itinerary to ensure perfection. 

 *Available as Destination Makeup Artist for Wedding or Commercial Photography   

 ‘*photography, bridal, weddings, special events, commercial photo shoots, personal instruction, theater or screen    

 fun blog  – www.artistrybysandy.blogspot.com  

health blog – www.rheumatoidarthritissupport.blogspot.com



  1. Sharon Malpass said,

    I had the pleasure of working with Sandy, I saw her in action. She did my makeup and I looked like a Porcelain doll, simply ‘beautiful.’
    Sandy has a special ability of looking at a person and instantly knowing what would look good on them.
    She is very passionate about her work and treats it as an “Art” form. Sandy is truly an Artist!

  2. Danielle said,

    Sandy, thank you for making me look so pretty, I look like a model, everyone loves the Fall look and your photo’s of me.

  3. Ursula said,

    Beautiful work, professional, Sandy you have a gift, your a true Artist!

  4. monica said,

    What a stunningly beautiful girl. Danielle’s make-up is absolutely beautiful without being over done. Bravo!!

  5. Sandy said,

    Thanks Monica!
    Your compliment is most appreciated, coming from someone in the business makes it special.

  6. Carol Hamilton said,

    Sandy did many Makeup sessions for me when she worked for Dior in the Midwest. I was never disappointed.
    Always loved my look and wanted to take her home with me so I could look good everyday.

  7. Melissa Turner said,

    Many times over the years Sandy has done my Makeup and Photography. I looked fantastic and loved my look with every session.

  8. Stephanie said,

    Sandy, thank you for being Makeup Artist for September’s Photography promotion sessions at my Studio. Your talent makes Photography ‘Photo Art!’ We loved your flare…..we must have you back next year, response was fantastic!
    Stephanie Moore Photography

  9. Sandy said,

    Thanks Stephanie! I treasure the personal Photography you did of me. Your Photography is beautiful, your Studio is the best I ‘ve worked in,I enjoyed working with each one of your clients………let’s plan on next year! Sandy

  10. Mrs. Sandra Ingram said,

    Sandy, my makeup session was fun and I loved the new tricks for fall….I need a session every few months to keep updated…….thank you…..I looked beautiful and learned alot. Sandra

  11. Kynnedy said,

    Sandy your makeup is awesome~

  12. Stephen said,

    I like the original, untouched picture of Sandy because she is an ageless beauty! Your mamma gave you great genes! ;o)

  13. Jade Brooklyn said,

    I love your work. If you are interested in trying some new things for your port please let me know! I would love to try bodypainting and some edgy high fashion looks. Thanks!

  14. Julie Bryce Munro said,

    Thanks Sandy, the photos you posted are wonderful! We had a wonderful wedding and reception, I wish you could have stayed and seen it.
    My sisters and I, my mom and everyone thought the makeup and hair was just perfect. Thank you so much!
    My hair and makeup really stood up to the pressure of it all too, and looked great even at midnight! I’m so glad you were able to work with us–it turned out perfectly.
    I love what you posted on your website and so do my sisters. The Photography turned out beatifully even in black and white your makeup looks incredible!!! We have some color too though.
    Thanks again Sandy. Tell Debra and Crystal hello and thank you too!
    Holly and Amy loved their “looks” too! Best, Julie

  15. Phylliss Reynolds said,

    Sandy, Julie’s words that “you got her through the past few months” tells me you make a positive difference with the people you work with. Quite often I have a photograph that tells me a lot about how a person is feeling which is one of the primary focus of my work. When you view the black and white photo of Julie looking up …not only was I able to create a glamerous photo from that shot of getting her make up finished but I see the affectionate look on her face is aimed at you.
    Interesting what a picture can reveal isn’t it???
    Best wishes Sandy as you continue your good work!
    Vision Photography – Phylliss Reynolds 910-264-7785

  16. Stephanie Williams said,

    Sandy, thank you. I was so nervous about my very first photo session and you were so calm and confident throughout the process. Having never had my make-up done professionally, I had no idea what to expect. The photos turned out beautifully and held up through the shoot with no touch-ups needed. What can’t be captured in the photos is how soothing you are to a bride that is so anxious for everything to be “picture perfect.” I can’t wait for our trial session to see what kind of magic you’re going to work on our wedding day. So, from David and I, thank you for making our engagement photos so special and we look forward to working with you and your team on our wedding day.
    steph and david

  17. Sandy said,

    Makeup & Skin Care Secrets – Olive Oil’s Health and Beauty Secrets, ‘Tricks of the Trade’ – Professional Makeup Artist – Photos ‘before and after’ – Wedding Day Makeup Tips – Anti Aging Skin Care –

    Visit often for the latest!

    Jeanne Calment, who holds the record for the longest confirmed lifespan, reportedly attributed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance to olive oil, which she said she poured on all her food and rubbed into her skin.[20] See Olive Oil article on my pages for complete breakdown on ‘Liquid Gold.’ Good Health To You!

  18. Matthew Merkovich said,

    From: Matthew Merkovich
    To: Artistrybysandy@aol.com
    Sent: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 10:21 pm

    Subject: Great Website

    Your site is great. Your work is truly spectacular. I wish you were in Los Angeles. I’d hire you to do makeup in a heartbeat.

    Matthew Merkovich
    (310) 500-9269

  19. Sandy said,

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I love my career and enjoy working with the wonderful people I meet.
    This is both a gift and blessing, and I ‘thank you’ again from the bottom of my heart. Sandy

  20. Megan said,

    I just wanted to let you know I have thought of you so very many times today!! Today marks my first anniversary and all day long I have revisited all the fond memories of what I was doing “this time last year”. I woke this morning and enjoyed my morning coffee while looking over all of the proofs from our special day and the first several pages are of you working your makeup art and magic on me :o) !! I just wanted to share this with you and let you know you are in my thoughts. I hope you are having a fabulous summer and that this finds you doing quite well.

    My best to you,

  21. artistrybysandy1 said,

    Happy ‘first’ Wedding Anniversary Megan and Denny! Blessings, Sandy

  22. Karina Lopez said,

    Hey Sandy,
    I just got back from my honeymoon today! It was amazing. : ) I know you wanted my approval to post pictures; you are more than welcome to use any of them.
    I want to thank you and Crystal both for the amazing job you did, and for helping my maid of honor and aunt with their makeup.
    I will make sure to tell everyone about your work and also tell them how pleasant you are to work with!! ( I could not have asked for any better )

    Thank you so much!!!

  23. artistrybysandy1 said,


    We were delighted to work with you and your family! I will look forward to viewing the Photography and posting some of your portraits. Thank you for choosing ‘Artistry by Sandy’ for your wedding day Makeup Artistry. Congratulations!!!!

    Best always,
    Sandy and Crystal

  24. Karla Balourdos said,

    Dear Sandy;

    Lisa’s and Kathy’s make-up was fabulous. They both looked and felt glamorous. Thank you for your good works and patience, Sandy.
    Of course, you know firsthand how pleased I was with my make-up. I would love to learn your art form and acquire the ability to work your special kind of magic. Any tips and guidance? I’m all ears.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this an event I will cherish and remember always. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again soon.

    My best to you, Karla Balourdos

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