Makeup Artist NC – Anti-Aging ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ – Olive Oil Secrets

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Anti aging makeup ‘tricks ‘ help us look years younger and olive oil’s skin care secrets… ageless!  

As a seasoned makeup artist I focus special attention on the eye and lip area since these age faster than other areas of the face. Larger lips and an open eye look give you a youthful appearance and are achieved with artistry tricks. Makeup techniques take years off your appearance and these tips can be easily taught so you can duplicate the look whenever you desire.  

A primary step for good skin care each week is exfoliation, this will help your skin look younger immediately and absolutely radiant after makeup application.

Like the famous Italian actress Sophia Loren, I use olive oil for skin care.  Sophia Loren at 76  is still considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world.  Olive oil is an ancient  Roman beauty secret and one I’ve suggested to my clients for many years.   Also, Jeanne Calment, who holds the record for the longest confirmed lifespan, reportedly attributed her longevity and relatively youthful appearance to olive oil of  which it’s said she poured on her food and rubbed into her skin. Try a dab of organic extra virgin olive oil ( first cold pressed ) several times a week on your  face and as a total body moisturizer. 

Olive oil, or ‘Liquid Gold’ has been used throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years as both a health and beauty aid.  This precious oil has been treasured as a beauty aid because it protects, tones and moisturizes the skin. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are easily absorbed and water soluble so it won’t clog pores. Premium olive oil actually ‘feeds’ your skin to make it firmer, truly  anti-aging.  Scientifically it’s proven olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory agent for total body health.  As we age the inflammatory response is higher making olive oil benefits of greater value.                                                                   

If you or a loved one suffer from an autoimmune disease like ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis,’ read the benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet @     

Directions as a moisturizer for the face:  Warm a tiny amount in your hands, pat in gently and not too close to eyes,(makes them cloudy) allow to absorb for about 8 -10  minutes,  then pat off  excess with a soft cloth and proceed with your usual beauty routine. It’s natural, healthy, and gives you a youthful glow!  

 “You will love the skin your in!”    


Twitter:   @SandyGuerriere  


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North Carolina Makeup Artist – Sandy Guerriere

September 24, 2009 at 5:06 pm (Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist for All Occasions NC, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makup Artist NC, Sandy Guerriere, Wedding Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC)


Let us create your “Vision of Beauty”… 

Are you a future bride who wants her makeup to be ’Bride Natural’  for timeless portraits or are you a woman who wants the ‘Glam’ look for a special holiday party?  We are here to beautifully define and achieve that vision for you.

We  recommend a makeup that gives both excellent coverage and will stay beautiful for your Wedding day events.  

In my photo I’m wearing “Nude ” in the  Flawless Foundation line.  

Contact us on facebook or email  –

Photography by 

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Wedding Photographer Stephanie Moore & “Princess Bride” Wrightsville Beach NC

September 14, 2009 at 12:53 am (Artistry By Sandy NC, Bald Head Island NC, Destination Photographer, Makup Artist NC, North Carolina Photographers, Ocean Isles Beach, Photo Shoots, Recent Work by Artistry by Sandy, Sandy Guerriere, Topsail Beach NC, Wilmington NC, Wrightsville Beach NC)

IMG_2995 copy IMG_3042IMG_3041pic-03IMG_2973IMG_2990IMG_3047IMG_3053

Jessica Wells of Raleigh NC booked “Artistry by Sandy” as her Makeup Artist for September 12th. Jessica and her fiance chose a beach wedding at Wrightsville Beach NC. Stephanie Moore Photography was there to capture special moments before and after the Oceanside ceremony.

It was a beautiful day and the perfect destination wedding for this darling couple. The ceremony ended as a glorious sunset cast a golden glow on the couple as they exchanged vows and kissed as man and wife. Jessica, you truly were the ‘Princess Bride’ you’d hoped to be. 

Jessica wanted a Bride natural look so we accented her lovely crystal blue eyes with demi- lashes, dark brown liner and burnish copper shadow mixes. Avasiare makeup was used because it gives excellent coverage and a natural look for Photography. (Flawless Foundation)

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Bald Head Island NC – Makeup & Photography: A Wedding in Paradise

June 28, 2009 at 11:28 am (Artistry By Sandy, Bald Head Island NC, Bald Head Island Photography, Destination Photographer, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makup Artist NC, North Carolina Photographers, Wedding Photographer)

A Wedding in ‘Paradise’ is what Laura and Bill planned as they began their life together.  270BAXTER

Both the Wedding ceremony and Honeymoon were booked on Bald Head Island, NC. How appropriate to the theme was their ocean front cottage with it’s name…”Paradise”


Destination Weddings and Honeymoons on Bald Head Island are breathtaking! When Laura and Bill made the decision to work with Artistry by Sandy I suggested Photographer Anne McGowan as one of my favorite  Wedding Photographers.   These portraits share our orchestration is pure perfection. Laura you’re beautiful!

Laura had a fairytale Wedding in The Village Chapel on Bald Head Island. She looked like a porcelain doll with her delicate features. Artistry by Sandy created a special look for Laura which was perfected at her Trial Session. Makeup application is always individualize to the uniqueness of each bride.


Congratulations”Laura and Bill”…may your “honeymoon” last forever…


We can help you have a “Wedding in Paradise” on  Bald Head Island, North Carolina >

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Makeup Artist NC – Wedding Tips Spring & Summer – Focus On The Coast

May 23, 2009 at 6:04 pm (Artistry By Sandy, Bald Head Island Photography, Destination Photographer, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makeup Tips by Artistry by Sandy, Makup Artist NC, North Carolina Photographers, Photo Shoots, Sandy Guerriere, Wedding Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Wedding Photographer, Wilmington NC, Wilmington NC Makeup Artist, Wilmington, NC Photographers)

Contact: Photography  Makeup Artists


Spring and Summer Weddings  embrace a renewed interest in classic stlying in dress, hair and makeup . Hollywood glamour of yesterday is back too.   

This season, eyes go bolder with shades of color enhanced with triple coats of mascara or with false lashes expertly applied. Lips stay moist but lined for fullness in colors complimentary to your skin tone with a final touch of shimmery gloss to highlight your bridal elegance.  Yes, Red lips are back for those 40’s and 50’s looks, but not everyone can carry off the look!   So, try different shades of red and if it’s not for you…. don’t fret,  find another shade YOU do like… it will be beautiful, trust me.  

Spring and Summer makeup trends are both glamorous and elegant with soft colorful shades for eyes with a bolder lip for that ‘romantic flare’ of yesterday. 

Check out : March Archives – ‘Makeup Tips for Brides’  and my Blog @  for latest tips each month.  

  Your Bridal gown can be glamorously accented with Chandelier or Drop earrings to bring focus to your face so everyone’s eyes are on you the entire Wedding Day. 

Hair Design trends lean towards romantic styling as hair is allowed to do ‘ it’s thing’… with loose curls even if your choice is the ‘updo.’    

There are beautiful new styles and colors in gowns for Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride. So, explore many options to find what’s perfect for your figure and taste.    

Coastal North Carolina hosts hundreds of miles of pristine beaches against a backdrop of a azure blue sea, truly this is the destination to make your Beach Wedding a dream come true.  Among my favorites, Wrightsville Beach, Airlie Gardens and Bald Head  Island!      Wedding Photography:           


Wedding, Photography, Special Occasion, Makeup Lesson’s & Commercial Accounts




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Wilmington NC – Makeup Artist gets a new Hair Style

May 23, 2009 at 12:42 pm (Bald Head Island Photography, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makup Artist NC, Photo Retouch, Photo Shoots, Sandy Guerriere, Wilmington NC, Wilmington NC Makeup Artist, Wilmington, NC Photographers)


Who does my hair? I’m often asked who colors and cuts my hair so I’m giving Lyn Crompton a great big ‘Shout Out’ …and thank you.

Lyn is totally into her profession and loves pleasing her clients. I can be a difficult client because of my high standards. Lyn deserves a compliment and praise for consistently doing a fabulous job with my hair. She’s been a creative cosmetologist since 1993 and often says “making her clients ‘feel good’ about their hair is her top priority.”

Lyn Crompton  presently works in the Monkey Junction area. She’s been my hairstylist and colorist for the last 4 years. She presently works at the Hair Studio. 910.792.0121

Fun link!  “Out Of The Box” Photography, Makeup and Hairstyles:

Photography & retouch by:   Jim Downing

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North Carolina Weddings – “Photography Perfection”

May 14, 2009 at 4:57 pm (Artistry By Sandy, Bald Head Island NC, Bald Head Island Photography, Destination Photographer, Makeup Artist Coastal Carolina NC, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makeup Tips by Artistry by Sandy, Makup Artist NC, NC, North Carolina Photographers, Ocean Isles Beach, Stephanie Moore, Topsail Beach NC, Wedding Photographer, Wrightsville Beach NC)

Weddings during the summer months in humid climates like we have in North Carolina  require special care with makeup application. 

“Beach or Garden” weddings will need added support because your outside for most of the wedding day photography. The bride and bridal party will want their makeup to stay fresh looking and flawless for all the photography from the bridal shots,  during the  wedding and throughout the reception. 

 The best makeup for humid climates is a cream to powder foundation  that’s oil free.  Wear a light powder if you need to control more shine and your photography will turn out beautiful… 

 Moore Photography by Stephanie Moore >   

Makeup Artists – 

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Makeup Artist, NC – Wedding & All Occasion Makeup Tips

May 13, 2009 at 6:48 pm (Artistry By Sandy, Artistry by Sandy Recent Work, Freelance Makeup Artist, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist for All Occasions NC, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Makeup Tips by Artistry by Sandy, Makup Artist NC, Photo Retouch, Professional Makeup Artist North Carolina, Recent Work by Artistry by Sandy, Wedding Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Wedding Makeup Artistry, Wilmington NC Makeup Artist)

Contact us @ 

                                      100% of beauty

Spring and Summer Makeup for Wedding’s and All Occasion’s is prettier than ever.  After years of telling women to choose between strong eyes and strong lips, both can be strong.  This actually helps balance out the trends of the black and white power suits, floaty nightgown dresses or white eyelet sheaths.  How wonderful to actually have options, we can ‘flirt with glamour’ this season….which is exactly what us girls love to do.

Brows are strong this year….so don’t over tweeze…. just keep them groomed and arched, add highlighter to the brow bone….. it adds glam to the entire eye area. For us mature girls it gives us an instant eye ‘lift’ …. a makeup trick for younger looking eyes.

While the hottest runway looks involve wearing a fiery orange red lip most of us aren’t even close to looking like Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner;  so it’s best to go with a strong matte lipstick in peach or pink. ( lipstick, not lip gloss). The key to great looking lips is a a lipstick that’s satiny, a silky look that’s not too dewy and not too matte — add a light foundation, triple coat those lashes with black mascara or false ‘demi’ lashes … and darling, your … ‘Good To Go!”                            

More Tips for Wedding Photography 

SMP Today


    DanielleNew3  img-0211.jpg

    MAKEUP ARTISTRY IS ALL ABOUT YOU                       


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Wedding Makeup Artist – Bald Head Island NC

May 1, 2009 at 2:06 pm (Bald Head Island NC, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makup Artist NC, Professional Makeup Artist North Carolina, Sandy Guerriere, Wedding Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC)

Wedding Destination: Bald Head Island girls-wedding

Wedding of Leslie Kropp,  April 25th, 2009 on Bald Head Island in North Carolina.  What a beautiful bride Leslie was!  She and her fiance chose an evening wedding “On the Beach at Sunset”… surrounded intimately by family and friends. Leslie’s makeup for herself and her wedding party was a Bride natural look with a touch of added glamour echoing the  joyous occasion…..and they all looked simply gorgeous.

Bald Head Island is truly one of the most breathtaking Wedding and Vacation destinations in the world. The Island hosts 12,000 acres of which you’ll enjoy 10,000 untouched acres of beach, marsh and maritime forest preserves.

Intimate neighborhoods dot the landscape and gently surrender to nature as they embrace the ambience of the azure ocean and white sandy beaches.
Bald Head Island is a two-mile journey across the Cape Fear River from Southport, North Carolina. You are transported to the island via Ferry and while on the island by golf cart.  We have enjoyed working with brides from all over the world and travel from Wilmington only 45 minutes away.

The Pristine beaches, quaintness of the lodging and Old Baldy Lighthouse…all give you a beautiful ‘backdrop’ for your special day. It’s a Photographers dream to shoot Weddings on the Island. Found here are both natural wonders and rich historical drama. Truly,  Bald Head Island offers a distinctive maritime world that’s beckoning your discovery. So come join us….

BHI Makeup & Photography:

Artistry by Sandy offers special Wedding packages to the area and we want to help make your day memorable, …. “It’s All About You”

Sandy, Crystal and Dana


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Wilmington NC Makeup Artist – Green Ball 2009 Brings Focus To The Coast

April 22, 2009 at 10:34 am (Bald Head Island NC, Makeup Artist Bald Head Island, Makeup Artist for All Occasions NC, Makeup Artist Wilmington NC, Makup Artist NC, Recent Work by Artistry by Sandy, Sandy Guerriere, Wedding Makeup Artist Wrightsville Beach NC, Wilmington NC, Wilmington NC Makeup Artist)

GreenBallModelGreenBall09 003

GreenBall09 014

GreenBall09 005GreenBall09 004

GreenBall09 011

Wilmington North Carolina’s first ‘Green Ball’ officially took place on April 17th…and it dazzled everyone as a bevy of beautiful models walked the green carpet in honor of Earth Day 2009.  Sarah Barbee, “Event Planner’ and organizer together with Earthbound Salon & Day Spa hosted a ‘Fashion Show’ preceding the evening’s events. The fashion show featured local designer Alexa Castillo and designs made of vintage fabrics. Alexa chose a theme of Tribal Connections honoring her home country of Honduras and the many diverse cultures it represents. Proceeds from the event benefit the Earth Day Alliance and Cape Fear Riverwatch.

Makeup artists Crystal Downing and Dana Lehman applied a warm palate of earth tones to models eyes and lips and finished their look with a splash of gold glimmer that gave a beautiful finishing touch to the exotic theme.

Sponsors for the event included Front Street Brewery, House of Wine and Cheese, Harbor Masters, Send Out Cards, Print Star Designs, Framed Productions, Artistry by Sandy, and many more.

              GreenBall09 018

                        It’s All About You

Contact us for your special event.  Sandy, Crystal & Dana

Photography by Crystal Downing

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